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09/12/08 07:32 AM #181    

Tricia Boyle (Russ)

For those interested in seeing both football and Jimmy ...The game starts at 7:30 so you could attend the game for the first half or first hour before heading to the VI.

09/12/08 02:51 PM #182    

Sandra J. Majeski (Young)

anyone know where amy creighton is?

09/12/08 05:49 PM #183    

Kelly S. Bopery (Anderson)

I agree Brian, Seems silly to pay for football, and not stay when we can use the money for a couple more drinks LOL.....and watch Jimmy fan here too..I may have to pass on the game as well..

09/14/08 06:26 PM #184    

Michael R. Schuppenies

I'm looking forward to the golfing on Friday! Even though we have no chance against the stacked Malicki team. Also looking forward to seeing Jimmy play. Maybe he will play some RUSH and bring me back to the day. Hey fellas, what do we wear to this thing? I've been fasting for three weeks to get into my 29" ripped acid wash jeans. If I can't get into them, at least I'll be able to sport this sweet mullet. By the way, who ever looks at my profile, especially Brian Kaminski gets a punch in the arm! See you all this weekend.

09/15/08 09:13 PM #185    

Jeffrey D. Malicki

We are out to have fun in the golf outing. The team selection was hood's fault. LOL

09/16/08 11:02 PM #186    

Abigail Hartnett (Liber)

Are you writing LOL to Schup? Doesn't that mean lots of love? Or am I confussed once again? Good luck golfing, i believe you are on the stacked team, right?

09/17/08 05:57 PM #187    

Michael R. Schuppenies

Yes Abby, you are right. It was a long time ago, we were young and in an experimental stage. I would prefer we drop the discussion and put it all behind us.
(Cute kids by he way, give Corey a platonic "hi" for me.)

09/18/08 12:07 PM #188    

Stephanie Young

New time for the Northview tour!
Friday - 3pm
Meet in the front lobby

Hope to see you there,

09/18/08 06:59 PM #189    

Steven Steinberg

I hope you folks all have fun this weekend.

It's a bummer we can't be there, but doing this during the school year isn't feasible for us both being professors and pulling the kid out of school. Too many people missing too many classes.

Can we do 25 or 30 in the summer perhaps?

09/18/08 11:29 PM #190    

Jeffrey D. Malicki

what's with this stacked team? Hooder kid is the one who made up the team, i"m just riding his coattails. Abby i am copmtuper illiterit and don't really know what lol means. large old ladies maybe. not meaning any of you gals. It should be pretty fun. Pretty as in lots not pretty as in anybodies pretty. except all you gals.

09/19/08 02:11 AM #191    

Eric Porvaznik

Eberlein, Detwiler, Kaminski, Gerdenich, Steinberg and Hoellrich, if you feel like punching me for the videos now attached to my profile, Toluca Lake's next to Burbank, by the Universal, Warner Bros. and Disney studios, annnnnnd conveniently located near 7-11, Baskin Robbins & Quiznos. Come on out for the tour, 3 PM Fridays. Oh, almost forgot. Camera work on the latest episode of my show done by a fellow Class of 88er. Some say he's movin' up in the world.

09/20/08 01:17 PM #192    

Steven Steinberg

Porvaznik, I don't know where you found that video, I think some of us will have to track you down in LA. I'm there frequently, so if you have the feeling someone is watching you you're probably right, I knew this PhD in satellite image analysis would come in handy someday...

Its stuff like this that perpetuates some folks' theories of why I live in Humboldt -- none of which are true, but make for good stories anyway.

The video was entertaining, enough, albeit I have absolutely no recollection of us making it, looks like you maybe enhanced it a bit?

And for those in Sylvania this weekend, enjoy the reunion!

09/20/08 01:42 PM #193    

Eric Porvaznik

Nah, no enhancements, Steven, unless you count the required edits to smooth transitions up as much as you can on a 21-year-old VHS cassette. OK, the music additions, too, and, much to my chagrin, also edited out a brief clip of a Reagan press conference that sneaked its way into the mix. "Sneaked," right. Crockett knew what he was doing. ;-) Glad ya liked it, though. Next up: 1987 Cat's Meow.

"Always feel like, somebody's watchin' me...can't get no privacy." ROCKWELL

09/25/08 08:59 AM #194    

Ryan P. Crockett

Ahh... I remember the primitive 1987 editing job we did on that for Spilis' class... Too funny. Some of this stuff seems like it happened 5 minutes ago to me. Weird. Anyway, we couldn't make the reunion either, because the triplets were sick, so I was bummed. Hope everyone had a good time, see you for #25!

09/25/08 05:58 PM #195    

Allen Eurres

Sorry I couldn't make it. I had to many fires burning plus got a little cold that weekend. Hope you all had a great time and I'll be at the next one for sure.

10/05/08 10:18 PM #196    

Brian McVety

It was great seeing everyone who could make it Friday and/or Saturday...
Thanks to Tricia, Abby, Susie, Jim (Jimmy) and Craig for getting it together.
Hope to see everyone (all 292 of you) in 2013. -Brian

10/12/08 10:15 AM #197    

Kelly S. Bopery (Anderson)

Uggg, sorry guys, the video kinda got cut a little short..if you would like to have a copy email to see everyone, Kelly

10/17/08 07:21 PM #198    

Matthew Vida

I've got some pictures from the reunion on a CD, and if I can figure out how the hell you get them from the CD to the site, I'll get them up. If anyone knows how, e-mail me at Had a great time! Momo to self...know WHERE your hotel is before you leave the reunion next time.

11/29/08 08:05 PM #199    

Tricia Boyle (Russ)

Hi Susan,

I did have the baby! We had a baby boy on November 1 at 4:12 a.m.! His name is James and he was 6 lbs 8 ozs/20 inches long at birth. We are all doing well.

It was great to see everyone at the reunion!

Take care ...Tricia

12/12/08 04:42 PM #200    

Ryan Churdar

Looks like a bunch of people are going to be up at Frogtown Jonnie's on Friday Dec, 26th. About 40 plus people from various Northview classes.

02/21/09 08:54 PM #201    

Brian McVety

A belated congrats to Tricia! -Brian

06/14/09 05:00 PM #202    

Tricia Boyle (Russ)

Thanks for the congratulations, Brian!

08/09/09 11:43 PM #203    

Aaron St. Bonore

Wow,we actually have our own website? I know one thing we need to ad. A page of all the pics from our yearbook so we can go back in rememberence. Keeping our yearbooks online for our viewing of "our" history time capsule. If you agree lets get started and anyone that has photos of our yearbooks,please post them once we get a page set up.
Sounds good?

01/06/10 09:45 AM #204    

Susan Salley (Albers)

Woman Punches Drive-Thru Window Over Lack of McNuggets!!! What the hell is going on in Toledo! I would understand if they did not include the toy with the Happy Meal, but violence over nuggets..C'mon!!!

02/03/10 05:13 PM #205    

Kerry P. Chrapliwy

I'm in Texas just north of houston. Married with two kids, Ben and Julia and working for HP on of all things the digital clutch with fashion designer Vivienne Tam.

We're getting ready to launch the second edition. So for those ladies that need a computer and want a fashion statement. Check it out. The first edition in Peony is sold out and was picked up with Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, Metropolitan Home designer 100 list and appeared in the Pussy Cat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas video. Featured on the runway at bryant park.

We launched the second design edition Butterfly Lovers on the runway in September of 2009 in NYC and will be gracing Neiman Marcus's catlogue late March of next month.

Check out the launch video at


PS> Adam if you need one--let me know...

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